Beaver Meadow Golf

The history of Beaver Meadow goes back 115 years . . . Beaver Meadow is the oldest golf course in the State of New Hampshire.

In the autumn of 1896 the Misses Mabel Hill, Harriet Anderson, Harriet Huntress and Mr. Paul Holden began playing golf in earnest on some fields located east of the Maple Grove Cemetery. The next year the group employed Scottish golf pro Willie Campbell to complete 9 holes . . . Willie came to Concord on the train from Brookline, MA and did the job for the grand sum of $50.00. Soon a permanent golf club was formed and very shortly the membership grew to 120. In 1899 the club house was built.

In 1930 the private club portion moved across the river and began the CCC . . . The City Fathers - left with the established course - simply voted to take it over, paying no heed to the fact that the Sewalls Falls Power and Electric Co. owned the land. In 1954 when Don Sinn became the Park and Recreation Director, he discovered the legal indiscretion. The Council rectified the 24 year old error and paid $6000 to the electric company. Moreover federal funds became available and they bought enough acreage from the New England Box Company for another nine holes . . .

In 1968 the course grew to the standard 18 holes, renowned designer Geoffrey Cornish did the layout. By 1975 the course's reputation had grown and the Beaver Meadow Golf Course hosted the state men's amateur tournament that year.

In 1996 "The Beav" celebrated it's 100th Birthday!

The City of Concord and it's citizens continues to guard this enterprise well.


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